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My name: everybody antistresspoweet
My Fotopage: http://nostress.fotopages.com/
About me: > Dear Speoples, > > We, the members of the secret Antistressbrigade, especially drafted you to join our Army of Tao. Do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity! We have already blown all the speakers. Now, let us blow all out of proportion... > > Since september, we have created a unique and completely useless newspaper. We happely chopped down some recycled trees to create the Antistressgazetta. We are the dadaļ³“ revival of the twenty-first century. Join our troups. We compose our society by numbers, not by individuals. So, do not be frightened: Taking part in this (ad)venture is completely of no risk at all. You will go compeletely unnoticed. So, put on your television, and forget about this nonsense. We are glad to have made your day! > > Though, if you truly feel, if you even feel like it, you can send us your contribution thru this email, or contact as by post: Vlasmarkt 5, 2000 Antwerpen, mentioning it name: Erwin Vanmassenhove. Send in pictures of your favourite cat, or it's genuine artwork. We will gladly make it stand the test of time in our Antistressgazetta. We do emit it on thousand copies and send it straight into eternity in Antwerp, Flanders and whereabouts... If you like, create your own Antistressgazetta. Anything goes: Black and white, jingjang, woewei. Drawings, sarcasm, your local spasm, collages, suicide on paper, paintings, collages, any language. The more foreign the better! > > Don't explain it, do it. No parental advisory! Space ships ok, if you can it fit into format A5. We only can make exceptions for true geniuses. If you know any friendly mecenasses, who can give us all their money in true angelical sacrifice, do not hesitate to let us know! > > Don't forget to read: 'Stranger in a strange land.' by Robert A. Heinlein. And have a nice day! > > Equally with love as hate, > the Antistresspowet > AKA BLANKO
From: Belgium
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Latest entry:Schriften, Lettristen, en Situationisten
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