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photo taken by Peter Dircken/Circlephoto, friend P.Flits before the Cramps' -like always fabulous, energetic- concert'/ A'dam Paradiso sept.2003,paint me black hihi.Groetekes.

silly sea-sick in sex

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Sweet Dream of mushroom & glitter
Ruminate life that's sometimes bitter
I have stars in my hand,
call me an embarrasment

Sweet dreams of poppy & fame
Ruminate life that's often pain
I've stars at my feet,
nothin' left to bleed

Sweet dreams of light & twinkle
Ruminate life as a very short wrinkle
I've stars in my head,
the sparklin' light on the day of my death.

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Wednesday, 24-Mar-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
the joker

de hofnar

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Monday, 22-Mar-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
time manifests : SITUATIONISM

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Green, Orange

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...................................................... more King Mob

Back in England, SI excludees formed King Mob, which targeted art students. One of its veterans, Jamie Reid, designed Christopher Gray's SI anthology, but he was to have far more impact on the punk aesthetic through his association with the Sex Pistols. Gray has been faulted for his sloppy translations and shallow commentary, but in one crucial respect his anthology is superior to Knabb's: it incorporates enough of the cartoons and graphics to resemble the original look-and-feel of the SI journal. Knabb out-Deborded Debord in marginalizing the aesthetic dimension. For even after the Debordist consolidation, Situationist productions reflected the aesthetic of integrated forms practiced by the COBRA and IMIB artists. The presentation in English of most Situationist and pro-situ texts has sharply tilted toward the suppression, not the realisation of art, diminishing the holism of the tendency and perhaps contributing to Situationist theory's exaggerated reputation for aridity.

Not much later, Reid placed his collage style -- commingling mass media texts with cut-outs -- at the disposal of Malcolm Maclaren, also a King Mob veteran. Maclaren's management -- not to mention his manufacture -- of the Sex Pistols, looks suspiciously like a cynical experiment in Situationist social engineering. Some of the graphics which adorn Sex Pistols album covers (eagerly sought after by collectors today) Reid had previously placed in pro-situ publications.


.................................... ...more Situationism...

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father's day


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